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Patti Stueckler
REALTOR, Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)

Patti knows real estate.  She learned a lot from her father, an Air Force One pilot, who later started a real estate company when she was a teenager.  She began selling real estate in 2002, and was quickly dubbed ‘Pitbull Patti’ because of her tenacity and ability to solve problems for her clients. Among numerous awards earned, she is in the Real Estate Hall of Fame and been interviewed on many national radio programs including on SiriusXM.  Patti has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland.  She’s a real estate columnist and  hosts the ‘The Pitbull Patti Show’ podcast, which discusses women’s issues and personal inner strength. 


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John Stueckler

John is a Marine Corps veteran. At 17, he enlisted in the Marines serving on two West Pacs and travelling all over the world. From Africa to the Philippines, he learned honor, courage and commitment at an early age. John then became a union carpenter and later ran a construction business for many years before joining Patti in real estate. His knowledge of construction has proven to be an asset to buyers looking for a well-built home or looking to rehab a property. But, it’s John’s quick wit and playfulness that clients love most.  Friends call him ‘Stumpdawg.’ He coached football at Catholic University in Washington, DC.  He’s an avid fan of the Redskins and the Washington Nationals.

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Conor Stueckler

Conor grew up around real estate and learning the art of the deal.  He quickly figured out that there was a solution to every problem and his problem-solving ability has served him well in the business of selling real estate.  Conor prides himself for being a “one-stop shop” when it comes to his clients real estate needs.  Wether it’s recommending a home inspector, or setting you up with a great local plumber a year after you’ve moved in, he is always happy to help!  Conor not only works with his family, but he also has come to view each and every one of his clients like an extension of that family.  Real estate is a relationship business and Conor’s relationship with other agents, contractors, inspectors, etc. consistently gives his clients an advantage in negotiations, winning multiple bid situations, and/or with renovations down the road.  Conor graduated from Catholic University in Washington, DC, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Like the rest of the family, he’s an avid sports fan and was an All-Conference linebacker in college. Conor moved to the Big Apple, NYC, selling real estate for several years after college. He recently returned to his Maryland roots, buying a home in North Beach in 2017.  Conor’s experience selling in the tough New York market taught him to be a great negotiator and how to get even the most challenging deals done.

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Caitlin Wilbanks

 Caitlin is called ‘Super Cait’ by the team because she keeps everyone straight.  This includes team members, as well as clients. Her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Salisbury University has proved invaluable to her ability to process details of each transaction to the highest level.  Caitlin’s attention to detail ensures a successful completion of the team’s mission from offer to close. She and her husband, Joshua, enjoy spending time hiking the local trails and upcycling vintage furniture.  Caitlin and Joshua are active in volunteer efforts and the local church community.

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Rosie Hanan


Rose is the team videographer and manages marketing campaigns that include social media. She was a fashion model in New York City before joining TEAM STUECKLER in 2017.  Working for designers like Michael Kors and Converse, she learned excellent marketing skills.  In New York, Rose implemented social media campaigns for several companies. Her natural artistic flair, combined with her work experience, provides the  team with cutting-edge marketing and advertising techniques.