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Showings are a crucial aspect in the home selling process.  Not many people are going to buy a home they haven’t been able to see in person (really no one will haha).

It’s important to have the home looking the best during these showings, this is what is truly going to sell the home!


Here are a few tips to help prepare for home showings:


  • Be flexible! Not every agent who schedules a showings to see your home is going to arrive right on time.  We understand this can be stressful but it’s best to be flexible and open.  This will give maximum opportunities to potential buyers!


  • Being at the showing is not a good idea.  Some sellers want to be at the home showings to help explain the property better.  However, this is never a good idea.  The buyer will feel uncomfortable and not be able to fully express themselves and in most cases this will turn them off from pursuing the property.


  • Be ready!  Some showings will be scheduled super late notice (like 3o minutes prior to them arriving).  We understand this again can be stressful but think the sooner you have a potential buyer in the home, the sooner they can write that offer!


  • The listing agent is not responsible for being at the showings.  Some sellers may get nervous about having random people in their homes and will want the listing agent present.  However, in most cases this will make the property hard to show because the listing agent may not always be available during requested showing times.  We suggest moving/hiding anything extremely valuable.


  • Control your pets please.  You may love your pets and we do too! (We are pet people )  However, not everyone loves them as much as us.  We don’t want any potential buyers not being able to see the property because they are scared or allergic to your furry friends.