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listing agreement is a contract between a real estate broker (or their agent representatives) and a seller of real property to give the broker the right to offer the property for sale.

Every listing agreement needs a start date and an end date to be valid, and they are typically 12-month listings.  However,  we give a guarantee with every one of our listings that states, “The listing agreement may be canceled at any time with a phone call to listing agent (until under contract for sale).”  We understand that a seller may decide at some point that they want to take the house off the market, rent it out, or decide to go in another direction.

The Maryland Association of Realtors Exclusive Right To Sell Residential Brokerage Agreement is what is commonly referred to as the “listing agreement.”  We have provided a copy below, along with additional listing addenda and seller disclosures, for you to click on and and view.  Please text or call Patti Stueckler at 301-908-2540 if you have specific questions about the listing agreement or seller disclosures.

Exclusive Right To Sell Residential Brokerage Agreement