Utility Infomation:

Call Utility Companies below and transfer utilities.  Please contact the Power and/or Gas companies to set up accounts around Five (5) days prior to settlement. Please do not terminate services to the property.  The following may or may not apply. Below are multiple companies in case you want to shop around. There are more options out there as well, but these are just a few:

SMECO- Electric  (Primarily used in Calvert, Saint Mary’s, & Charles County)


BGE– Electric (Used in Anne Arundel and Some of Calvert County)

(800) 685-0123

Verizon Phone

(410) 954-6260

Comcast Cable

(800) 266-2278

Direct TV

(800) 531-5000

SMO (Southern Maryland Oil)

(888) 222-3720


Insurance Information:


Source- The New Reality of Property Insurance: What You Should know by Maryland Association of Realtors