All commission is paid by the seller.


*Earnest Money Deposit: Typically $1,000 but in some cases the seller might ask for a higher deposit amount.  You will need a check for this deposit amount at the time of writing your offer.

*Home Inspection: Around $1,000.  You’ll need to for pay this right after your offer is accepted.

  • About $450 for a Structural Mechanical Home Inspection (Your standard Home Inspection).  This inspection is not required by your loan but we strongly advise you get a home inspection for your knowledge and protection.
  • About $500 for a Well & Septic Test (if home is on public water/sewer then you won’t need to get these inspections done)
  • About $50 for a Termite/Wood Destroying Insect Inspection.  This is required by all VA loans and are paid for by the seller.  This is the only inspection paid for by the seller and it’s only for a VA buyer.


*Appraisal: Around $450.  Depending on the lender, you can either pay this upfront (after your contract has been accepted) or at the time of settlement.

Admin Fee: The only fee paid by the buyer to the broker is the Re/Max One Admin Fee of $345 which is only paid at settlement.  Buyers with VA and USDA loan types are exempt from paying the Admin Fee per their loan restrictions.

*These prices vary for different companies and are general figures.