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Settlement is typically held at the title company’s office, or the realtor’s office.  The time for settlement is scheduled by the title company and all parties are usually notified about a week prior.


Here is a general review of the settlement process:

  • Walk-through of the property is typically between 1-2 hours prior to settlement.
  • The title officer will review the Closing Disclosure Statement  (which buyers receive from their lender about a week before settlement).
  • You’ll review and sign all your loan documents.
  • Most settlement take only about an hour to complete.
  • Your lender will let you know the amount needed for settlement and it will be on the Closing Disclosure Statement.  You’ll give a certified or cashier’s check to cover your down payment (if you have one), closing costs (which may be covered by the sellers), prepaid interest, taxes and insurance.  These funds could also be wired a few days prior to settlement.
  • Seller will provide all keys to the property.  Most sellers leave any manuals (for appliances, mechanical systems) at the property, if they have them.  They also typically leave the garage door openers at the property as well.